Northeast CanAm Connections:
Integrating the Economy & Transportation
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Study Team

Project Management. The project is being managed by Maine DOT (Carl Croce, Director of the Maine DOT Bureau of Planning, and Fred Michaud, Policy Specialist) with the assistance of Economic Development Research Group (project team led by Glen Weisbrod and Margaret Collins).

Steering and Management Committees. Major decisions are made by a Steering Committee that is comprised of the CEOs of transportation and economic development agencies in the four US states and five Canadian provinces. The Steering Committee members have also designated representatives on their staff to comprise the Management Committee, whose members support the ongoing project efforts. The two committees have representatives from the states and provinces of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Non-Voting Organizations. The management committee is also inviting input on the study scoping process from: US DOT - Federal Highway Administration, Transport Canada, and regional transportation and economic development organizations.

Consultant Team. Overall technical direction and oversight is being provided by Economic Development Research Group, Inc. The consultant team is being led by Wilbur Smith Associates, with subcontractor support from HDR Decision Economics, Global Insight, Opus International, Stafford Business Advisors, Geo Plan, iTRANS, and Davidson-Peterson Associates.


Current Status of the Project
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